An analysis of the digital subscriber line technology

Digital subscriber line (dsl) is a technology that transports high-bandwidth data over a simple telephone line that is directly connected to a modem this allows for file-sharing, and the transmission of pictures and graphics, multimedia data, audio and video conferencing and much more. Digital subscriber line (dsl originally digital subscriber loop) is a family of technologies that are used to transmit digital data over telephone lines in telecommunications marketing, the term dsl is widely understood to mean asymmetric digital subscriber line (adsl), the most commonly installed dsl technology, for internet access. Adsl stands for 'asymmetric digital subscriber line' it is a type of dsl technology which has different upload and download speeds it is a broad term that a digital high-speed data connection over telephone lines.

Is digital subscriber line (dsl) technology the future of data transmission read the below article to know more massive development in the field of information technology and networking need high speed data transmission technology. In telecommunications marketing, the term dsl is widely understood to mean asymmetric digital subscriber line (adsl), the most commonly installed dsl technology. Next-generation internet technology will offer high performance and high capacity traffic aggregation and scalability voice over digital subscriber line (vodsl) technology allows service providers to offer multiple telephone lines over a single subscriber line in addition to high speed data transmission services. A digital subscriber line transmits digital information, usually on a copper wire pair although the transmitted information is in digital form, the transmission medium is usually an analog carrier signal (or the combination of many analog carrier signals) that is modulated by the digital information signal.

A family of technologies that provide digital data transmission over the wires of a local telephone network dsl takes advantage of the unused bandwidth of the local loop (frequencies above 34khz) by creating 43125hz wide channels starting between 10 and 100 for digital data transportation. Macro analysis on isp industry 214 digital subscriber line dsl is the family of digital subscriber line (dsl) technologies that has been developed to provide. The global video telemedicine market is expected to be around $3 billion by 2025 technology outlook and trend analysis asymmetric digital subscriber line (adsl. Dsl is short for the digital subscriber line it is a medium to provide internet access by transmitting digital data through a phone line in a dsl connection, you can use both the internet and the telephone line simultaneously.

Understanding digital subscriber line technology by thomas starr, john m cioffi, peter j silverman basic digital transmission methods basic modulation and. In the present study, the data transmission rate available by means of the adsl technology is estimated theoretical and practical estimates are obtained for a three kilometer telephone cable and for the one that occurs most commonly in practice computations are performed of the theoretically. Digital subscriber line technology: network architecture, deployment problems and technical solutions vladimir krsti}, mirjana stojanovi} institut mihajlo pupin, beograd. Complexity analysis of multicarrier and latest digital subscriber line technology that enables high-rate data services over the last mile of the network over.

Digital subscriber line that is generally known as the dsl is the networking device that is used by many users for the sake of the use of the internet technology and the communication typically it is defined as the service provided by different types of telecom companies to their users with the help of the digital lines used for the telephony. Digital subscriber line (also known as digital subscriber loop) is a technology that transports high-bandwidth data, such as multimedia, to service subscribers over ordinary twisted pair copper wire telephone lines a dsl line can carry both data and voice signals and the data part of the line is. Xdsl tutorial by brandon provolt dsl stands for digital subscriber line, and the 'x' in xdsl means there are many technology required that the lines be. It is very important to know that asymmetric digital subscriber line (adsl) presents a broadband connection technology , adsl uses the existing copper wires that installed for the telephone systems to deliver the high-rate digital data , they can provides the customers with high speed data services even before switching to fiber-optics.

Journal of theoretical and applied information technology performance analysis of ofdm for a variant of digital subscriber line (dsl) for. Digital subscriber line (dsl) dsl is the root of all xdsl services data mining - data analysis - geocoding technology consulting and education services.

Understanding digital subscriber line technology: covers the entire dsl family, from isdn at 144 kb/s to vdsl at 52 mb/s details dsl at all layers of protocol, with special emphasis on the physical layer discusses applications from both provider and end-user points of view gives an insider's view of the telecommunications standards process key. Understanding digital subscriber line technology thomas starr, john m cioffi and peter j silverman, prentice hall ptr, 1998 (paperback for purchase on amazoncom. Rajshahi university of engineering & technology, rajshahi, bangladesh a comparative performance analysis of the different as digital subscriber line (dsl.

an analysis of the digital subscriber line technology Qos and objective performance analysis of triple play services  (asymmetric digital subscriber line 2+)  the broadband technology with the largest subscriber.
An analysis of the digital subscriber line technology
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